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Documentary-style Promo Video

Skip the ad, tell your story.

  • Win new clients’ trust before they even meet you.
  • Control consistent first impressions.
  • Get in front of more people

Your Documentary-style Promo Video will combine the power of entertaining story structure, cinematic motion picture, objective perspective, & “social-proof” interviews to communicate your message in a way that draws audiences in to the heart of your value offer. Skip the “ad” and tell your story!

Allow your potential customer to meet you, & even like you, before the first call or meeting. Avoid having to stare into a camera lens to make a hard “pitch”. There’s too much exciting media online for people to sit through a “salesy” video anyways.

You know you need to get your audiences’ attention & persuade them to action. Why not make it interesting & exciting for everyone?

In addition to attracting new clients & customers, you’ll be creating something special & memorable about your business or organization in the process. If it truly matters to you, we can communicate that, & the chances of it mattering to your audience, too, are highly likely.

Added Benefits

  • Social Media “juice”. You’ll have the ability to invite friends to share your “documentary” because it’s NOT a commerical.
  • By blurring the lines between your for-profit enterprise & the authentic humanity entwined within it, you’ll strengthen trust with your customers & clients.
  • SEO opportunities. Too many to list.
  • Spin off extra Digital Content Strategies.
  • Viral possibilities. Good stories are contagious and spread among social networks.


To succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure.