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Mattei Visuals is a creative film & video Collective of talented professionals led by Mario Mattei. Each project is unique. Therefore, our core team hand-picks the cinematic tools & crew members needed to meet your objectives, budget, & vision. High standards in both service & craft are consistent across all projects. Learn more about the creative roles Mario plays below & please reach out to discuss what type of team we can put together to make something awesome for you!


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Creative Treatments 

A Creative Treatment communicates an idea on paper with text & visual examples. After learning about your project’s essence, goals, audience, budget, & timeline, the brainstorming begins. I typically get 1 to 3 solid ideas to run by my client over the phone or via email to get a sense if I’m heading in the right direction. Once confirmed, I take the vision a step further by creating & presenting the creative treatment which summarizes the idea, the structure, key message, & art direction. The treatment gets signed off on & then guides the project from script to screen. Creative Treatments get us all on the same page. It gets people excited & clear about the task at hand, both on the client-side & production crew side. If that sounds snazzy to you, let’s START A CONVERSATION.



Documentary-style Promo Video

Documentary-style Promo Videos combine the power of story structure, cinematic video, objective perspective, & “social-proof” interviews in a way that draws audiences in to the heart of your value offer. Skip the “ad” and tell your story! LEARN MORE.


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Mattei Visuals is a creative film & video Collective of talented professionals led by Mario Mattei. Each project is unique. Therefore, our core team hand-picks the cinematic tools & crew members needed to meet your objectives, budget, & vision. High standards in both service & craft are consistent across all projects. Learn more about Mario below…

Mario Mattei, director, cinematographer, & camera operator, is a visionary, people-person based in Austin, Texas who stays busy making videos for expressive brands, original films, & documentaries for impact.

Clients typically work with Mario to help them express their story or message in a way that engages & inspires action. Often clients rely on Mario’s 17 years of photographic experience to give their project the cinematic visuals it needs.

His globe-trotting documentary work has taken him to Turkey, Kashmir, Malawi, Kazakstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Mexico, Bahrain, & more. Mario’s LA-premiered feature documentary, Dance the Past into the Future, explores the dying traditions of northeast Turkey while focusing on the cultural elements inspiring future generations. Currently in production is The Gentleman Driver documentary which follows the parallel lives of extraordinary entrepreneurs who moonlight as race car drivers in the World Endurance Class. Mario directed the award-winning crime/drama short film, Being Thomas, and is currently in pre-production for a sci-fi/drama short film.

Mario has also filmed reality TV shows for TLC & Esquire, written a novel, published poetry, & studied creative writing at Arizona State University & digital media at The Art Institute of Phoenix. His commercial background in digital branding, motion graphics, copywriting, & design for clients such as Ford,, Mazda, & various ad agencies, also contribute to a colorful pallet of experience.

Mario is as comfortable steadying a camera while atop a wobbly camel in the Wadi Rum Desert as he is sipping an Americano while brainstorming with a marketing team. If doing both in the same week, that’s ideal!

Mario is passionate about contributing to the common good & adding value in the marketplace. This led Mario to pursue launching a movement around
“visual peacemaking”, the art of using media to break down stereotypes & reduce social distance.

In 2009, Mario moved to Turkey where he founded The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers & produced photographic works & micro documentaries. He also founded the non-profit, Visual Peace Media.

Mario enjoys the outdoors & many of the finer things in life, including friends & family, his wife & three small children. He lives to spark thought, stir emotion, & inspire action.


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Thumbtack REVIEWS

5/5 stars
Mario is working with us on a documentary project, set in an ever-evolving environment. He is agile and creative with story and visual challenges. One thing that continues to impress us is Mario’s perceptiveness to what’s happening around him. He finds subtle nuances that can transform a good story into something extraordinary. We value, appreciate and very much enjoy working with Mario.
—Cile Elley, Electro-Fish

5/5 stars
Mario is creative & adaptive. He brings a vision to the day while maintaining a collaborative spirit. Mario can cater to a wide range of client needs and has the work ethic to get it done.
—Taylor Rudd, Megalomedia

4/5 stars
Mario was our 1st AD on a feature film production, Durant’s Never Closes. He helped me (Director/Producer) run a very type ship and work through a variety of issues to get quality and finish the film on time. He is a good, patient communicator and very energetic/passionate in his job.
—Travis Mills, Running Wild Films

5/5 stars
We have done a number of jobs with Mario from editing to filming to the giant process of doing a documentary! Mario’s visionary insight, adaptability, and gracious communication has played a key role in seeing our projects successfully completed.
—Sam Ommen, Mennonite Baptist Mission

5/5 stars
I love working with Mario every chance I get. He’s a great creative mind and also a fantastic problem solver. We had a shoot that he had 24 hours notice on in Mexico City and he pulled it off flawlessly. Great attitude and extremely hard-working on every project we’ve been apart of together.
—Lee Rothenflue, Cut To Black

5/5 stars
This guy is fearless in getting the most creative shot in any situation. However, his creativity does not prevent him from getting the “meat and potatoes” work done either. It is hard to imagine finding a more humble and easy going artist to work with. I HIGHLY recommend Mattei Visuals for taking your project to the highest levels!
—Dennis Holden, Producer

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