Mattei Visuals


Off Road Encounters

This entertaining educational video series follows the adventures of one American family through 4 Muslim countries. Their mission? To discover the truth about Muslim people: what they believe, how they live and what values we share. Find out the real story behind the headlines we usually see about Muslim people. A series for homeschooling families & Sunday School classes.

The client approached Mario Mattei to help them express their brand’s core message to a specific target audience through a story series that would both educate children & capture the hearts of parents. The episodes are integrated into a curriculum with a call to action & fund raising campaign. WATCH all 13 episodes on vimeo HERE.

Directed by Mario Mattei & Written by Damon Evans for Sonlight & Frontiers.

Damon Evans
Mario Mattei

Film Editors:
Damon Evans
Levy Hurtado
Anthony Hord
JJ Bukowski

Unit Photographers:
Tim Cowley
Courtney Haywood

Location Sound:
Rob Williams