Mattei Visuals


Beat Around The Bush

Like most successful ad campaigns, Converse “Because I Can” spec videos capture the brand’s deep-rooted essence: individual attitude. Over the years, diverse Converse wearers have expressed themselves with a broad range of originality—from hip-hoppers, to hipsters, to punks & skaters, to creative entrepreneurs & tech heads, to progressive youth in developing countries. As different as their fashion manifestations are, they all share in the act of expressing individual attitude.

We felt that makes Converse patrons more likely to do something simply Because They Can. The four videos in this campaign celebrate the “Because I Can” attitude.

The campaign uses hash tag #becauseican over three platforms, broadcast commercial, YouTube video ad, & Instagram video.

Running With Scissors: 30 Sec broadcast commercial
Beat Around the Bush: Instagram video
Out of the Blue: Instagram video
Kick the Bucket: You Tube Video Ad, (skippable, pre-roll)

Production Company: Mattei Visuals, 360 Studios
Executive Producer: Pat “Shaggy” Welsh
Producers: Jessee Harkey, Nicholas Vettorel
Director & Art Director: Mario Mattei
Director of Photography: Matthew Infante
Editor & VFX: Andrew Gregory
Wardrobe: Jessee Harkey
Color: Frederick Trevino, Beambox Studio
Photographer: Amy Corley
Studio: St. Elmo Soundstage, Austin, TX
Voice Talent: Clint Baker
Sound Design: Trevor Seits

Stephen Latham… Runner, Run With Scissors
Michael Hartman… Clean-cut runner, Run With Scissors
Ronnie Williams… Beat Around the Bush
Aaron Richard Johnson… Out of The Blue
Lena Long… Kick the Bucket