Mattei Visuals


AMD’s #SpreadJoy

Edelman PR firm commissioned Mattei Visuals to create multiple videos for AMD’s holiday season #SpreadJoy social media campaign.

The teaser video of Santa placing a gift at the tree went live early to create buzz. On Black Friday, Cyber Monday & beyond, AMD found consumers online activively looking for a new laptop or piece of technology that AMD could provide. Black Friday alone saw the videos achieve over 55K views. Happy consumers who received free gifts from AMD were lavishing the brand with praise on Twitter throughout the weekend.

Similarly, AMD’s popular social media spokesperson, Robert Hallock, also took this opportunity to giveaway various products to people he engages most on social media.

Each recipient of an AMD product received a customized video addressing them by name. Mattei Visuals filmed a type of “choose your own adventure” storyboard of shots that could be mixed and matched on the fly. After each winner was named, the personal touch was filmed and handed off to our on-site editor for a fast turn around & placement on the winner’s twitter feed. In total 54 videos were posted.

Crew and Client had fun together spreading holiday joy. Consumers, too, had fun getting gifts & experiencing the AMD brand.

Contents: 4 Videos
Sanata Teaser for consumer laptop
Consumer Laptop giveaway (version 3)
Robert Hallock giving away a Radeon R7 Series Graphics card
Consumer Laptop giveaway (version 5)

Agency: Edelman PR
Production Company: Mattei Visuals
Director: Mario Mattei
Camera: Dennis Weaver
Gaffer: Evan Prince
Post Production: Lee Rothenflue
Art Directors: Heather Stephenson, Samantha Davis, Katie Gaskin