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Documentary-style Promo Videos combine the power of story structure, cinematic video, objective perspective, & “social-proof” interviews in a way that draws audiences in to the heart of your value offer. Skip the “ad” and tell your story! LEARN MORE.


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Legacy films are all about YOUR life–the lessons, accomplishments, & stories. Don’t settle for being some old, mysterious photograph to your great grandchildren. Leave them a living legacy video, one that’s custom tailored to pass on your meaningful message to future generations. If that sounds meaningful & interesting to you, let’s START A CONVERSATION.

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Mario in TurkestanMario Mattei is a filmmaker, cinematographer, & photographer based in Austin, Texas. As a visionary, storyteller, & people-person at heart, Mario thrives as both a team leader & a contributing team player.

His globe-trotting documentary work—whether independently or for NGOs—has taken him to distinctive locations such as Turkey, Kashmir, Malawi, Kazakstan, Jordan, Indonesia & more. His commercial background in web, motion, & graphic design for clients such as Mazda, Ford, & various ad agencies, also contribute to a colorful pallet of experience.

Mario is as comfortable steadying a camera while atop a wobbly camel in the Wadi Rum Desert as he is sipping an Americano while brainstorming with a marketing team. If doing both in the same week, that’s ideal!

Mario is passionate about contributing to the common good of humanity & about adding value in the marketplace. Besides being bred into a creative director at design & web solutions companies, much of Mario’s commercial viability stems from pursuing visual peacemaking.

In 2009, Mario moved to Turkey to produce visual peacemaking images & stories. While there he founded The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP), a global movement of visual communicators documenting human stories & images that reduce social distance. Up through 2014 Mario produced a body of photographic work, micro documentaries, & published two photography books. In that time, he also founded a non-profit company, Visual Peace Media.

Mario has directed, filmed, & edited his current feature documentary, Dance the Past into the Future, which explores the dying traditions of northeast Turkey yet focuses on cultural elements able to inspire future generations.

It’s been a while since Mario’s early days of Kodak film, graffiti murals, rock bands, & his education at Arizona State University & the Art Institute of Phoenix. But one thing remains: Mario carries a creative vision inspired by a big, vibrant world that he loves giving back to.

I’d rather be in the arena getting whipped by a bull than in the stands or parking lot…

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